Selling a scrap car

Things you need to do before you sell your car to a wrecker. These also apply If you have already disposed of a vehicle or sold it to a wrecker.

  • Make sure you inform NZTA through a notice of disposal. You will you need your New Zealand driver licence, your vehicle plate number and the name and address of the person or cash for car wrecker that buys your car.
  • If you are selling an end of life vehicle to a wrecker who will dispose of the car then you also need to cancel your vechile’s registration.
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Selling a roadworthy car

Protect yourself against unwanted situations including speeding and parking fines that are not yours. This can happen if NZTA is not informed about change of ownership after a car is sold. It is best to hold on to your car till a proof of change of ownership is supplied.

Figuring out much your scarp car is worth

There are not set rules here, and your scrap car is worth the amount you are able to sell it for. But you can take some basic steps to ensure that you receive the market value. If you have the time and the will and the skills to remove parts from your car, then selling those parts on sites like Trademe is the best option.

For frequent vehicle sellers

According to the NZTA guidlines you have to register as a motor vehicle trader if

  • In a 12 month period (it does not have to be in a calander year, just contiguous months) you have sold more than 6 vehicles.
  • You import more than 3 cars in a 12 month period.
Although you maybe able to avoid registering as a car trader in some situations by taking advantage of the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003, this is unlikely to apply to the vast majority of cases. But let’s be honest most people who want to make a buck on the sides are not going to sell more than 6 cars in a year.

List of valuable vehicle related NZ government resources

We have put together a list of sites by NZ government to help car buyers and sellers.

According to it’s important to select a scrap buyer that will recycle your vehicle, ensuring it’s taken off our roads. DEOL car solutions takes scrap vehicles off the road and dismantles them.
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