Scrap Car Removal

If you have a car that no longer runs and is taking up space in your garage, is blocking your driveway or rotting in your farm; we will send our driver to remove your car and pay you for it. Rain damaged, earthquake damaged, flooded cars we want them and we will pay you for it.

Scrap cars

We buy scrap cars for cash, and it get’s even better. Every scrap car purchase comes with free scrap car removal (tow away).

You get more value for your scrap car when you sell you scrap cars for cash to us.

At DEOL Cars classed as scrap cars are done so that they can be bought for the car body that makes up the skeleton of a car. The scrap car removal product includes a free removal of scrap cars from customer premises. Scrap cars can not be repaired and are cars that have approached their end of life span having been used for a decade of two in most cases.

Car Removal

We specialise in same day scrap car removal or car body removal for cars in any condition together with above market prices for Scrap Cars.

The engine of a scrap car has no value other than the material weight of steel, iron and aluminium. When we purchase old cars under the scrap car category, we require very little information to provide a quote, this can be useful to those who want to arrange a prompt car removal. The only requirement for an accurate quote is the scrap vehicle size and therefore its weight in tons. Scrap Trucks and vans are offered more cash on account of its body weight.

The interior and exterior of cars are made up of materials that include, steel, iron, aluminium, copper, rubber and plastics among other materials. The value of a scrap car is because of its metal and metal-alloys with plastic and rubber not adding any value.

The other factors that can influence the cash value offered for a scrap car in a quote is the global market and demand for steel, iron and aluminium at the time the quote is provided. At damaged, wrecked and end of life car solutions we aim to beat cash offers by our rivals by at least 5%, so that our scrap car customers are getting the best cash value and offer at all times, year round no matter what the market conditions are for scrap metal.

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You can use the contact form to write to us or call us. These information can be found on our site’s main page DEOL Car Solutions home page. You can find out information about your responsibilites when selling your car to a wrecker by clicking here.

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