Scrap Car FAQS

Here you will find answers to common questions we get from people looking to sell their car for scrap or parts.

Cash for Cars also referred to as cash4cars among its other variants such as “cash cars” and “cash my car” is a service as a product in which a wrecker or second-hand car dealer buys a wrecked, unwanted or scrap vehicle. Cash for cars providers are known for prompt payment and collection of a purchased vehicle. Cash for Cars has become an alternative option to selling a vehicle through auctions, which can take days.
Scrap Car Removal also referred to as “car body removal” and “car removal” is a service as a product in which a wrecker or second-hand car dealer buys wrecked, unwanted or scrap cars and removes the vehicle from the customer premises. A scrap car removal is always accompanied by a free tow-away of the purchased vehicle. You should avoid scrap car buyers who charge extra for towing away a vehicle.
Any scrap car that DEOL Car Solutions buys is dismantled and taken off NZ roads. Scrap cars that we buy are dismantled for recycling and do not enter the New Zealand vehicle fleet again.
Absolutely we can. The parts and their price that can be sold depend on the make, model and year of your car. Japanese imported cars have a better chance of having reusable parts even when they have reached their end of life. Provide DEOL Car solutions with all details about your car to get a free quote.
We also buy second hand cars. If you have a car you want to get rid of then it is more likely than not that we will buy it from you.
DEOL cars is short for Damaged End Of Life cars. We stand for for honesty in the car wrecking business.
Probably yes! We can arrange the pick up time for your car when our drivers are not as busy. Or you can arrange to deliver your car to our scrap yard yourself. In both cases you will get more money for your car.

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