Most popular cars in NZ

We look at the most popular cars in New Zealand fleet for the last 25 years and what it means for the car wrecking yards and the vehicle spare parts businesses. But first things first, we will be using publicly available data from New Zealand Transport Agency and so before we do anything else we want to acknowledge the use of their data. We will be using a subsample of their data, namely the top 16 most popular cars starting from 1995 all the way to today as this blog post is being written which is March 2020.

Like all other NZ businesses the covid-19 virus has impacted the car wrecking and cash for car businesses, but we will leave that topic for another blog post. Right now let’s get back to the different makes of cars that comprise the NZ fleet. We in the cash for cars business in particular and junk yard operators in general see most demand for Toyota spare parts and a disproportionate number of people who sell us their car are also Toyotas owners. The make or type of each car we wreck for spare parts is directly correlated with the total number of each type of car in the NZ fleet and this can be seen in the large number of Toyotas in the NZ fleet.

Cars Kiwis love to buy

The bar race graph shown below is dominated by Toyota through out the 25 years, while the other cars go up and down in the list. Japanese cars overall dominate the top positions. This explains the huge number of spare parts and car salavage yards that are geared towards Japanese cars.
We have to be carefull with interpreting the numbers in 2020 since the graph represents only the first quarter data. It seems that although Toyota remains the most popular car it continues to lose market shares to other car makes.

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