Vehicle Recycling

Dismantling cars allows us to salvage parts such as batteries, windsheilds and metal for recycling. It is good for the environment and it is good for our customers who end up paying less.

If you would like to know more, then you can continue to read about auto dismantling from an environmental perspective and recycling business aspect.

New Zealand has enjoyed steady economic growth since the year 2000 and this is reflected in the growth in the number of cars and trucks on New Zealand roads. As a result the number of end of life vehicles has grown annually as well. This trend is unlikely to change any time soon even with the introduction of electric cars in the automotive market. The end of life vehicle recycling consists of car dismantling and shredding at car wrecking yards and landfill disposal. For businesses like ours the challenge is to turn this traditional approach into a sustainable business model that can benefit the environment and the people involved. Car makers design cars with safety and manufacturing costs as their primary objectives. The processing of scrap cars at wrecking yards is a challeng- ing task because vehicle dismantling is not at the forefront of car manufacturing designs.

The disposal of end of life vehicles is a growing waste management problem in Christchurch. Cars that are abandoned on public and private property is a problem that can be tackled through policy and legislative means from the government side but can also be addressed through the private sector. Our cash for cars scheme is a good example here. We buy scrap cars, dismantle them for its reusable parts and metal. Wrecking yards therefore incentivize removal of end of life cars by paying scrap car owners. Vehicle dismantling can be a win-win process for wreckers and the environment but it has to be done in a sustainable manner.

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