Cars & Cows, a New Zealand problem

Last week students across the country marched in the School Strike 4 Climate protest for climate change and global warming [1]. News media are taking up related topics and electric vehicles (EVs) is a popular one [2]. This is understandable, after all about a quarter of NZ’s greenhouse gases are produced by vehicles. At the same time it raises questions because 75% of NZ’s greenhouse gases are from manufacturing, construction and dairy industries among others [3]. So, is the adoption of electric vehicles about moving to a zero carbon economy or about acquiring new things that look nice and are fashionable? In this blog post I argue that in reality it is a bit about the former but a bit more about the latter too.


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To dig or to recycle? Can End of life cars be a secondary source of materials?

We all know that wrecked cars can be sold to auto Dismantlers for their metal content and parts. In this blog post we dig a little deeper to learn about the metal composition of cars. Beyond the value of a car for the salvageable parts, the metal content determines its scrap value and recycling stages. We explore if End of vehicles (ELVs) can be recycled for all of the metals used during production and if not what prevents us from doing so. […]

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