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Math problems with the clean car discount

Clean Car Discount overview page
provides some preliminary information on the rebate amount. Detailed information such as rebate amount about per gram/kilometre of CO2 emissions is missing. However, a graphic titled “Clean Car Programme 2022” is
provided and we have shown that graphic as figure 1 here. In this blog post we explain the problems with this graphic. […]

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Most popular EVs in June 2021

There were 349 new and 82 used electric vehicles registered in June 2021 [1]. Each month we create a list of the top 10 most popular EVs by make and model. In June Tesla overtook Nissan as the most popular EV. The impact of EV rebates on EV registrations will become clear in the coming months but so far the data is unlikely to reflect any impact from the EV policy changes.


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