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The top selling cars in 2021

In 2021 the New Zealand government started subsidizing electric and hybrid vehicles. Despite this the top 10 best selling makes are the traditional internal combustion engine cars. Had the subsidy kicked in at the beginning of 2021, we might have seen Tesla make this list. Data Source Table contains a list of the top ten cars in all 12 months of 2021. The number for each car make is the total number of registrations in 2021. Make Count TOYOTA 29437 MITSUBISHI 20152 FORD 17279 KIA 10151 MAZDA 9258 NISSAN 8611 SUZUKI 8126 HYUNDAI 8120 VOLKSWAGEN 5452 HONDA 4110 How we determine vehicle popularity We make the assumption that registrations indicate popularity. Registrations in a single month may not accurately reflect a vehicle’s overall popularity but can accurately reflect popularity when considered over a period of a few months. As always, don’t forget to check out our services and products page DEOL Car Solutions. For additional information Contact us by filling out the contact form or send us an email or for that matter call us. […]

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Math problems with the clean car discount

Clean Car Discount overview page
provides some preliminary information on the rebate amount. Detailed information such as rebate amount about per gram/kilometre of CO2 emissions is missing. However, a graphic titled “Clean Car Programme 2022” is
provided and we have shown that graphic as figure 1 here. In this blog post we explain the problems with this graphic. […]

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Lessons from the 2009 vehicle scrappage trial

In 2009 the Ministry of Transport, NZTA and Environment Canterbury ran a vehicle scrappage trial in Wellington and Christchurch for three and a half weeks. The trial cost $150,361 and 349 vehicles were scrapped. In this blog post we list some important lessons learnt from the trial and comment on the future viability of similar trial.
Data Source […]

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Most popular commercial vehicles in June 2021

Of the 26621 total vehicles registered in June there were 5097 GOODS VAN/TRUCK/UTILITY vehicles registered in June 2021, 4638 were new and 459 were used imports. In this blog post we publish the most popular GOODS VAN/TRUCK/UTILITY vehicles that are classified as light vehicles but used in commercial activities and that run on petrol or diesel based on vehicle make and model. Data Source


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