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Math problems with the clean car discount

Clean Car Discount overview page
provides some preliminary information on the rebate amount. Detailed information such as rebate amount about per gram/kilometre of CO2 emissions is missing. However, a graphic titled “Clean Car Programme 2022” is
provided and we have shown that graphic as figure 1 here. In this blog post we explain the problems with this graphic. […]

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Lessons from the 2009 vehicle scrappage trial

In 2009 the Ministry of Transport, NZTA and Environment Canterbury ran a vehicle scrappage trial in Wellington and Christchurch for three and a half weeks. The trial cost $150,361 and 349 vehicles were scrapped. In this blog post we list some important lessons learnt from the trial and comment on the future viability of similar trial.
Data Source […]

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Most popular commercial vehicles in June 2021

Of the 26621 total vehicles registered in June there were 5097 GOODS VAN/TRUCK/UTILITY vehicles registered in June 2021, 4638 were new and 459 were used imports. In this blog post we publish the most popular GOODS VAN/TRUCK/UTILITY vehicles that are classified as light vehicles but used in commercial activities and that run on petrol or diesel based on vehicle make and model. Data Source


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