We come to you to serve you where you are.

We arrange removal of unwanted cars from customer premises. We provide damaged, wrecked car owners access to our network of wreckers and auto dismantlers, who compete in a bidding process and the top offer is then connected to our client. When a wrecker is designated as the winner for a bid we take into account a number of additional factors such as:

  • Distance of the wrecking yard to the customer. The closer a car junk yard is to a wrecked car owner the faster they can get to them.
  • The wrecker’s ability to meet customer requests for tow-away and removal times. We are flexible with our car removal appointment times so that you can go on about your work. You don’t have to fit our schedule we work hard to fit into yours!
  • Any other specific requests a customer specifies at the time the job is scheduled. Some customers prefer a cash payment at the time of the pick up, others want a bank deposit. We understand that each customer is unique and we want to accomodate every single customer’s requests.

DEOL car solutions as a premium Cash For Cars Buyer is more than just a vehicle dismantler or a salvage yard operator. We sell second-hand car parts and used tyres. We recycle salvageable car components and take care of disposing car batteries. We arrange removal of unwanted cars from customer premises.

Company details

We are registered under DEOL Car Solutions Limited. You can find out further details about our company at