Wrecked Car Selling Guide

DEOL target customers want to sell their cars immediately and want cash in hand ASAP. We want to help you get the maximum cash for your car, with minimal effort. This guide is for those who do not have the time or patience to sell their cars on auction sites that can take days or even weeks.

Sell My Car

Selling a scrap car

Things you need to do before you sell your car to a wrecker. These also apply If you have already disposed of a vehicle or sold it to a wrecker.

  • Make sure you inform
    through a notice of disposal. You will you need your New Zealand driver licence, your vehicle plate number and the
    name and address of the person or cash for car wrecker that buys your car.
  • If you are selling an end of life vehicle to a wrecker who will dispose of the car then you also need to cancel your vechile’s registration.