Car Wrecking and Recycling glossary

A glossary of the terms used in the vehicle wrecking (auto dismantling) industry and vehicle recycling.
Word Description
Auto Wrecker A person who dismantles cars
Baler Machine used for compressing vehicle components and body into small compact cubes to save storage space.
CFCsStands for Chlorofluorocarbons. Compounds of carbon, chlorine and fluorine found in car cooling gas.
Cash For CarsA vehicle purchase promotion in which second hand or wrecked cars are bought for cash or payment is made via bank deposit on the same day. The emphasis is on fast payment rather than actual cash.
Cash4CarsAn alternative formulation for Cash For Cars.
DEL CarsAn alternative formulation of DEOL Cars which stands for Damaged, End Of Life Cars.
ELTsEnd of life tyres. There are non-reusable in their original form but can be sheared into granulated tyre rubber that can be used in infrastructure construction processes.
Ferrous MetalMetal primarily containing Iron. See non-ferrous metal.
JunkyardA scrapyard
RecycleConvert waste product from vehicles into reusable material.
ReuseUse without additional processing
Scrap CarA written-off car bought for dismantling.
Seller’s FeesA Fee charged by some second hard car dealers when facilitating trade between a car seller and a car buyer. Typically involves a bidding process and can be slow.
ShreddingA process in which vehicles are ground to small pieces to save space.
TDFTyre derived fuel. Fuel obtained from TDFs may contain heavy metal such as lead and may pose health risks.
WreckerA person who dismantles cars.
Written Off CarA vehicle removed from the New Zealand registered motor vehicle registration list. Typically unsafe to drive. A write-off vehicle maybe too expensive to repair. Cause may include flood and hail and fire damage.

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