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Stats NZ in its Sep 2020 quarter reports confirmed the anticipated increased sales in used vehicles.

Vehicle dealers saw vehicle stocks fall because of strong sales but also from disruption in imports.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw wants to see a ban on import of petrol and diesel cars from 2030s.

“Transport emissions are the one area where our emissions growth is uncontrolled”

Metal and Plastic Waste Recycling is a method of recovering scrap or waste product and reprocessing it into a useful product. The waste metal usage industries embraces the vary of economic activities encompassed in waste metal usage.

Waste metal usage could be a heap of environmental friendly than extracting and process virgin metal. Waste metal usage has several important edges and plays a strong role in supporting each environmental and economic outcome. It’s been found that it’s extremely flourishing in amusing waste metal from lowland. except the diversion of material from lowland, various necessary advantages of metal usage versus the creation of virgin material includes a reduction in energy consumption Plastic usage includes taking any form of plastic, sorting it into entirely different compound then break it then melting down into pellets.

past auto dismantling & recycling news/events

Recycling sector welcomes Budget boost but calls for mandates to drive demand for recycled material

When you throw a glass bottle in the recycling bin, you’ll be hoping its journey doesn’t end in landfill— so where does it go? The bin is emptied and its contents driven to a recycling facility, where the glass is sorted and separated from other waste, like paper and plastic. A 2019 Department of Environment report found about 30-40 per cent of recycled glass is lost in the collection and sorting process.

Discuss the most pressing issues of vehicle dismantling and meet the representatives of the biggest scrap metal recycling companies and leaders from automotive and manufacturing industries.

All the senior representatives, experts and decision makers, as an ELV – LCA specialists, solution technology managers, vehicle safety and insurance representatives, manufacturing process specialists and waste/recycling policy makers will gather for the two days online conference to present the recent trends, opportunities and new regulations of the field.

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