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Current and future auto dismantling & recycling news/events 17th World Congress and Expo on Recycling | November 09-10, 2020 Metal and Plastic Waste Recycling is a method of recovering scrap or waste product and reprocessing it into a useful product. The waste metal usage industries embraces the vary of economic activities encompassed in waste metal usage. Waste metal usage could be a heap of environmental friendly than extracting and process virgin metal. Waste metal usage has several important edges and plays a strong role in supporting each environmental and economic outcome. It’s been found that it’s extremely flourishing in amusing waste metal from lowland. except the diversion of material from lowland, various necessary advantages of metal usage versus the creation of virgin material includes a reduction in energy consumption Plastic usage includes taking any form of plastic, sorting it into entirely different compound then break it then melting down into pellets. past auto dismantling & recycling news/events Australian waste recyclers want government mandate for use of recycled material. Recycling sector welcomes Budget boost but calls for mandates to drive demand for recycled material When you throw a glass bottle in the recycling bin, you’ll be hoping its journey doesn’t end […]

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To dig or to recycle? Can End of life cars be a secondary source of materials?

We all know that wrecked cars can be sold to auto Dismantlers for their metal content and parts. In this blog post we dig a little deeper to learn about the metal composition of cars. Beyond the value of a car for the salvageable parts, the metal content determines its scrap value and recycling stages. We explore if End of vehicles (ELVs) can be recycled for all of the metals used during production and if not what prevents us from doing so. As of 2010 there are more than a billion cars worldwide on our roads, driveways and in our garages. The global population is increasing and that too at an increasing rate and this is likely going to result in increased demand for more private vehicles. Where ever they are for now, the one thing certain is that at some point vehicles reach their end of life and end up at your neighborhood scrap yard before being shipped overseas for further recycling and metal extraction. The car industry is one of the largest consumer of metals, primarily steel and steel alloys. Studies show that the benefits to environment and economy are substantial when scrap cars are recycled using state-of-the […]

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